Miwok 100k Race Report

A recap of my experience winning the 2019 Miwok 100km ultramarathon.

Zion 100 Race Report

Everything about my win of the 2019 Zion 100-mile race.

Adding an External Canonical URL to a Hugo Template

I recently decided that I want to cross-post content that I wrote for other sites to my personal website... In accordance with best practices for cross-posting identical content across multiple sites, I decided that using a canonical url tag in the individual .html page headers was a good idea.

NodeJS Lambda Authorizer for JWT Access Tokens

I recently created a Lambda Authorizer to secure AWS API Gateway endpoints with JSON Web Tokens (JWTs). I found that many tutorials exist for Lambda Authorizer creation, but I found a lack of examples for such a script in NodeJS.

Three-Legged OAuth2 from Single-Page Applications: A Use Case for a Function-as-a-Service

A Step-by-Step Guide to Using AWS Lambda as a Cost-effective, Scalable, and Easily Maintainable Solution for Securely Reaching OAuth2 Authenticated Endpoints

Tahoe Rim Trail

A writeup about my experience hiking the Tahoe Rim Trail in September 2018.

New Website!

I decided to create a new blog website with the Hugo framework.